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    X2 - Wolverine's Revenge HD Textures

    X2 - Wolverine's Revenge NOTE: - Wallpaper Screen(during loading) cannot be upscaled, bad dump.
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    A Space for the Unbound

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    A Plague Tale: Innocence

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    A Plague Tale: Requiem

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    Devil May Cry 5: Special Edition

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    Gaming Smashing Boxes: The Unparalleled Joy in Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth

    Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth is renowned for its extraordinary gameplay, compelling characters, and impressive graphics. But one aspect that often gets overshadowed is the sheer satisfaction derived from an unusual activity in the game - smashing boxes. The Rapture of Smashing Boxes The seemingly...
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    Gaming Why Final Fantasy 8 Remains an Unbeaten Champion: An Insight by a Passionate Gamer

    Final Fantasy 8, a gem in the world of gaming that, according to one devoted gamer, has yet to be surpassed. In this article, we will delve deep into the reasons why this game still holds its ground as a fan favorite. Introduction This quote from an anonymous gaming enthusiast perfectly...
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    Gaming No Rest for the Wicked: A Hands-On Preview

    In the rapidly evolving world of gaming, No Rest for the Wicked has emerged as a highly anticipated title. This hands-on preview will provide a comprehensive overview of what players can expect from this innovative game. Setting the Scene No Rest for the Wicked is set in a dystopian future...
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    Editorial The Paradox of Open-World Games: Narrative Contradiction and Gameplay Freedom

    Open-world games have revolutionized the gaming industry. They offer a unique blend of expansive environments and the freedom to explore. However, their narrative design often contradicts their gameplay features. This article delves into the paradox of open-world games and how developers are...
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    MHA 2024-03-02

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    Animated Theme: Luigi Time 2024-03-02

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    Samus Dread: Animated Background Theme 2024-03-02

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    Nintendo Switch Firmware Datfile 2024-03-02

    This is a Datfile I put together and plan to maintain for Nintendo Switch Firmware releases. I put this together because I noticed that a few locations around the web would either incorrectly label meta ncas with a .nca extension, or in a couple cases would not have all of the ncas present...
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    ninfs 2024-03-02

    ninfs (formerly fuse-3ds) is a FUSE program to extract data from Nintendo game consoles. It works by presenting a virtual filesystem with the contents of your games, NAND, or SD card contents, and you can browse and copy out just the files that you need. Windows, macOS, and Linux are supported...
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    Tutorial Use GameCube cheats with Nintendont, DIOS-MIOS etc.

    This thread is for the general discussion of the Article Use GameCube cheats with Nintendont, DIOS-MIOS etc.. Please add to the discussion here.
  17. Use GameCube cheats with Nintendont, DIOS-MIOS etc.

    Use GameCube cheats with Nintendont, DIOS-MIOS etc.

    This guide is made for anybody who wants to use gamecube cheats with various wii homebrew loaders. Tested with: -Nintendont -DIOS-MIOS (Lite) -NeoGamma Requirements: -This package Introduction: Get the cheats you want to use, for example here, the cheats from this site are already in ocarina...
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    Tutorial Posting a System Check

    This thread is for the general discussion of the Article Posting a System Check. Please add to the discussion here.
  19. Posting a System Check

    Posting a System Check

    Users can link to this guide so they don't have to write instructions on posting a SysCheck over and over. This is not a place to post your SysChecks, it's just a guide. Creating a SysCheck. Extract the contents of SysCheckME.zip to the apps folder on your SD card or USB Hard Drive. Insert...