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Beef Boss & Tomatohead

Beef Boss & Tomatohead
A Mod for Super Smash Bros. Ultimate.


css omigosh is that fortnite on switch these renders went through like 5 versions wii sports memes because mom grounded me from fortnite beef spin kick thing shit beef kick downwards thrust thing shit glidurr make mine an up special he's going to break another remote uhhhhhhhh dash attack thing i'm pretty uncreative right now sorry lol me and who pizza who's gonna grab me like this THAT IS BULLSHIT BLAZING me and who and who's gonna grab me i say bitch i got no one left lol he's kicking a c4 that's what this screenshot is depicting hey, peter griffin here to explain the image i kinda wanna make a peter mod over kazuya summer beef boss and tomatohead gaming beef! boss! let's go meet professor Sam on his adventure to oh this is a niche reference :madcuzbad: these renders took me forever to render thank you cycles <3 wii party ink ditto metalakrtajsaj chat, who should be my final (bet wise) fortnite mod? also ignore the GUILTY GEAR logo lol

Traveling もっと Traveling 揺らせ 壊したくなる衝動 Traveling もっと Traveling 飛ばせ 止まるのが怖い ちょっと

hey this is rise where we make mods no one needs. AHHHHHHHHHH I'M ALMOST FREE GAHHHHHHHHH!!! for context on why i've been making so many fortnite related mods, i made a bet with someone i used to know about social climber returning in the month of february and figures, i lost. the punishment for me was needing to make 5 fortnite related mods, so hey, look at where we're at now we're already at number 4. i didn't count private/mods made before the bet, sooooo yeah. beef boss schmeef boss. i also decided to throw in tomatohead since they reuse the same fortnite johne body. wowie.

beef boss's tongue has edited swing stuff, wifi-safe yes :Happy:

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