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FFT: Prime

FFT: Prime
Hack of Final Fantasy Tactics


Use the "Online ROM Patcher" under the Submissions pane to apply the ppf patch that you want to a fresh FFT.bin.
Version 4.1 - Changes Elidibus' dialog to match the WOTL translation + a few very small text fixes.
~FFT: Prime~
  • Built upon FFT: Complete v.50, which fixes a few bugs and includes 99% of the script and text from the PSP port, The War of the Lions. Some more bugs and unaltered text were fixed by me, so setting aside the other alterations that the patch makes, one could think of this as an unofficial v.51 release of FFT: Complete.
  • Abilities, Character Statistics, Job Levels, and Job Requirements are all identical to the original Japanese release of the game, with one notable exception that is listed below. Ability and Character Statistic differences can be found listed out in the readme.
  • Although Elmdore has the Safeguard ability in the original Japanese release, he is left without it so that the unique Masamune and Genji Equipment can still be obtained.
  • Includes ASM hacks made by the Final Fantasy Hacktics community that fix some longstanding bugs and provide quality of life improvements:
All formulas apply elemental (v2) - Fixes the Oil status bug by making it double fire damage properly and sword skills with an element attached will now actually apply these elements, taking precedence over the element on a weapon like the Ice Brand. Holy Sword skills are all either Holy or Lightning/Holy elemental and Fell Sword skills are Dark elemental.
Equipment duplication glitch fixes - Fixes the equipment duplication glitches that can be triggered from using Best Fit in the shops.
JP scroll glitch actual fix (Disable paging on confirm menu) - Disables paging when a confirm menu is up so there is no way to do the JP scroll glitch.
Random unit equipment more selective - Random unit equipment will now be more selective of secondary item types. (You shouldn't see knights in Chapters 2 to 4 using linen robes)
Unit slots backfilled when unit is removed from party - When a unit is removed from the party, other units backfill the slot so that it doesn't leave a gap in the party.
Cross Skip v3 - Holding X (Cross button), will fly you through dialog text faster than if you were mashing the button.
Iaido graphic fix - Fixes a visual bug during some Iaido animations where characters would use a Rod instead of a Katana.
~Prime - Convenience~
  • In addition to everything in the previous section, this version of the patch has a few more changes to make the game less tedious and more fun to play:
JP costs of all abilities halved, some absurdly overpriced abilities like Fly(5000 JP) are reduced further. The game becomes more challenging overall as a consequence of this change, since enemy combatants are able to afford more abilities as well.
Increased the JP cost of the Chemist's Reequip ability from 0 to 25 to keep it from being equipped on nearly every enemy in the game in place of other abilities that may actually provide some help to them.
Mime's Lv.8 Squire/Chemist prerequisites removed. The job requires only Lv.5 Orator/Geomancer/Summoner/Dragoon.
Cloud's initial Level when recruited is close to the average Level of your party instead of Level 1.
When using the Treasure Hunter ability, only the rare item will be obtained. There won't be any need to worry about a unit's Bravery level when searching for items and leaving it up to chance whether you get the useful item or not.

BEWARE! - An ASM hack being used in this mod causes buggy behavior if one of your units permanently dies while you have more than one Guest in your party. You'll know immediately when it happens since one of your Guest characters will transform into another character after the battle is over, so just reset if it does. (Most players will reset after a permadeath anyways) No other issues have been found or reported.

Not a fan of that slightly buggy ASM hack or any of the other gameplay changes I've made? Want to make your own patch using this as a base? Then you're in luck! Follow the directions at the bottom of the readme to set up your own "FFT: Complete v.51″ to work off of.


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