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Jigglypuff's Microphone

Jigglypuff's Microphone
A Mod for Super Smash Bros. Ultimate.



Jigglypuff's Microphone Jigglypuff's Microphone Jigglypuff's Microphone Jigglypuff's Microphone Jigglypuff's Microphone

Jigglypuff's sing just got buffed!

Jigglypuff was a pretty interesting fighter back in the Smash 64 days, and her inclusion was probably the most memorable or even original!

Honestly though, her inclusion was most likely due to her popularity in the anime.
At least I think so lol but for some reason, it never dawned on me until now that there should have been another inclusion since her debut..

She was missing something..

And that was..
her iconic Microphone!

Special thanks to BeyondSmash for the model! Now.. she is complete!

This Mod Includes:
  • New Microphone "article" folder (includes model/textures)
  • Plugin that will generate said article when certain conditions are met
  • Couple of Animation fixes

Originally, this was going to be just a model edit, with no code/plugin, but after talking with PhazoGanon, I realized that making the mic an article would be way better of an idea!
So I decided to make a plugin instead~

How To Use:
  • Place the mod in your mods folder, and it will work right out of the box!
  • Included are two options: a Single Slot version, and an All-Slot version!

  • In game, when using Up Special, the Mic will appear until she is done. Awesome.
  • In game, when using Win1 (D-pad left), the Mic will appear and stay in her hand. Amazing.
  • This mod relies on Smashline 2 to work and load properly, without it, you may get a crash on boot.
Download Smashline 2 here!

This mod is probably not Wifi-safe ( waiting on confirmation . . .)
  • If you want to use this on an additional slot, you edit the config to change the slot to c08+ and also copy the folders manually to account for the new slot.
  • For now, I recommend keeping this mod as its own separate folder.
If there be any other issues not addressed, do let me know!

Take care and enjoy! And DON'T fall asleep~! Haha
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