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Mario Builder 64

Mario Builder 64
A Mod for Super Mario 64.



Mario Builder 64 Mario Builder 64 Mario Builder 64

Super Mario 64 Level Creator

Mario Builder 64 is a toolbox letting you fulfill all of your SM64 dreams. Play one of the numerous user-made levels, or create a course pushing your imagination (and hardware) to its limits!


It's never been easier to access new SM64 content. Just by reading from an SD card, the game can play any user-generated level that catches your eye. Whether you love #retro throwbacks or kaizo platforming, you can count on community levels to fill any and every niche. Can't find anything you like? Good thing you can...


Let your ideas spill onto the canvas, one block at a time. The level editor is easy to pick up, but offers a lot of depths to advanced users - whether you're making a speedrun level, an 8-star course or an 8-bit calculator, the palette of over 100 parts will suit your needs.

The levels are endlessly customizable, with a vast selection of music, a theme editor for committed designers and an expanded interaction system ready to support any contraptions your mind envisions!

Beyond Vanilla

The 'Beyond the Cursed Mirror' theme lets you build levels using mechanics from the creator's eponymous major hack. Uncover the 'Badge' system, offering the player permanent, unlockable powerups, or utilize parts taken from the hack, such as the ever-endearing Showrunner boss!
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