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How to Patch & Run a Modded Super Mario Bros. Wii on the Wii U


Let me start off by saying
I struggled for a little while correctly patching mods into this game and getting it working the Wii U and I finally figured it out so sharing here so others don't have to sift and read numerous other threads on the process that uses patched memory addresses as these usually work fine on the Dolphin Emu but cause issues on the vWii without Riivoloution injection however after enough reading I found how to build them with patched memory offsets to correctly run.

This guide has a Cloud Drive URL which contains popular modpacks and two versions of the required tool.
If you prefer to get some mods directly from Newer Team then Click Here

I am unable to get any of the current Wii U injection tools to pack the ISO into a WUP but here are the steps to make a patched game for vWii via WiiFlow.

TL;DR Guide Colour Table 🤣
Get This
Recommend/Intermediate Step
Run This

Patching a Modded, New Super Marios Bro. Wii
  • Grab this at Mod ISO Builder 1.06 or use my Google Drive which has an alternative newer version.
  • You need to drag the contents of the mod packs into your extracted builder and yes you can put them all in at one time provided zero overwrite conflicts.
  • Your installation should look like this.

You need to use an NSBW ISO that is not scrubbed it has to be the full 4.4GB or something ISO without any partitions removed I tried the scrubbed ones they don't work, The region does not matter.
  • Run Build.ISO and follow the prompts I recommend you use the option to use an individual save and then when it is done it will throw a scrubbed ISO into the ISO/ or WBFS/ depending on which you choose as an output. I recommend .wbfs format as the output as this can be moved to the vWii.

    I tested this build method and it works in Dolphin Emulator for all of the following Newer Team mods.
    Newer Holiday Special, Newer Falling Leaf, Summer Sun, Newer NSBW, Another NSBW
Getting the Modded NSMB onto the vWii
This assumes you have already got CFW running on your vWii if not follow the appropriate guide for that first.

Your patched game will need to be a WBFS format title, not ISO or this will not work with this method.
  • Grab yourself the latest WiiFlow and install that on your vWii.
  • Make a new folder called WBFS/ on the root of the SD and copy your patched .wbfs game into it. (needed so wiiflow can find the game)
  • Launch WiiFlow and you should now have your games that work.

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