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Another project

Wow, I haven't written a blog here in years.

Soo anyway, I've been wanting to share this publicly for a while now. A while back in March, I reinstalled Visual Studio and started working on a C# program, judging as I was also taking a CS50 course at the same time. I ended up developing a Wii Virtual Console GUI injector out of it, and also some malware programs for testing on VMs but I'm not going to be sharing those publicly, of course. :p Well, it was pretty hard to get everything to a state where it could produce working WADs flawlessly at best, with only a few inputs from the user, but it's still what I think would probably be a spark to reignite interest in the Wii homebrew and VC injection community. Recently I just fired the project up again on Visual Studio, and did some cleanup with the code.

Most of everything is done automatically, except for SEGA CCF file management. HowardC's CCF tool says in its readme txt that it has command line support (which is basically a core part in how this entire GUI program works, in order to make WAD files), but nothing I can do got it to actually work, not even using a different CCF application for that. So I just made it open on its own, and say where the CCF files and folders should be and whether to extract or pack them, so the user knows what to do. Same goes for savedata injection (usually only for text, with a few exceptions, while banner TPLs are injected with copy-paste instead), as well as C64 injection, because of the entire thing with Custom Frodo.

The problem with actually getting this up for download (at least, once I'm eventually finished with the project) is that it needs certain Wii VC injection tools already downloaded and extracted to its folder in User AppData, and it only accepts certain base WADs based on CRC32 hash detection. Meaning that basically for me having to put it up for public download will mean also supplying archives of the injection tools and everything else, which is basically impossible here because rules on copyright and piracy.

More will be coming soon, including more screenshots, a host of the source code on GitHub, a more complete detailed explanation of how the app works and a full-on tutorial on how to set up the application and use it. If I feel like doing any of those...

Disclaimer: I do not own anything except Unconsoled, the aforementioned Wii VC app project. All materials and tools provided belong to their respective owners.

How to use:
  1. If Common Key is not generated already, run gzinject using Options>Generate Common Key, and follow instructions on-screen
  2. Go to File>Mode and select console
  3. Browse for ROM, base WAD (only accepts certain CRC32 hashes) and image.
  4. Input game title, year, players and other stuff.
  5. Use File>Export to WAD
  6. Follow onscreen instructions while exporting WAD (e.g. when injecting savedata, or if injecting Genesis/Mega Drive, Master System, or C64)
  7. ???
  8. Profit

What works:
  • NES ROM injection (Injectuwad)*
  • SNES ROM injection (Injectuwad)*
  • N64 ROM injection (Injectuwad, ROMC)*
  • Genesis/Mega Drive ROM injection (Injectuwad)
  • Master System ROM injection (manual process)
  • Adobe Flash SWF injection*
  • Banner and icon injection*
  • Savedata injection (mostly manual)
  • Common key generation with gzinject
  • GUI language (only English and Spanish so far)
* = Completely automatic (user does not need to do anything else when WAD is being exported)

What doesn't work:
  • "When Operations Guide is disabled, delete Manual files" (seems to break HOME Menu on N64 injected WADs)
  • Custom Manual option (still isn't completed)
Well, that pretty much does it. Please let me know what you think of this project and if I should continue working on it and providing more information. Or whatever else. Bye


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