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Q&A for our Projects

- This is stated on the first post of every game we translate, please go read it, its there for YOU!

Common Tools you will need:
- Carefully read each of our steps we post on each translation page.
- Research romhacking more for better understanding of each different method (hey, you might even learn something)
- We will not create videos when there are resources already out there for your use. Google is your friend! Gbatemp has plenty of guide and tutorials.
- We given enough details for you to do it yourself, if you've done some research... we shouldn't have to spoon feed you.

- Thats okay, we dont translate everything. We target enough to make the game playable.
- Sometimes we miss or can't find certain aspects in the files and it's just something that happens. (We don't have enough eyes)
- Stories you ask? Well, they are not something we usually do for any game we translate. (there can be exceptions.)
- If we have enough resources we will tackle it, but we are only 2 people... doing this for free and nothing in return.
  • Consists of dedicated time
  • Concentrated effort
  • Stops us from our other projects and hobbies
  • We also have an extremely busy life
- If we will do something for a project you will know
- Stories will most likely be COMMISSION ONLY since we do not take priority in it.
- Four reasons we don't do stories
  • We don't posses the language knowledge to keep the character references.
  • We aim to translate as much of the game as we can to make it playable.
  • Sometimes we don't have the space to fit what is said.
  • Time...time...time, we just don't have the time.
- Ask yourself what does the DLC give you in the game?
- Games that are not content DLC but unlocker DLCs are usually gifts, or downloads do not take any special updating to work. The fine print to this is "You can only claim them once" so you will get errors trying to get doubles.
- Games with content DLC are usually more like game expansions which has additional files then the base game or updates??????????
- Content dlc are alot bigger in size, unlockers are always a few kb/mb.

Did you follow the instructions step by step?

- Ask yourself these questions
  • Are you using the correct version?
  • Are you using the correct update?
  • Are you using our latest patch release?
  • Are you not using all the files?
  • Using updates files with a non update game?
  • Are you using patches from a third party source?
- DONT MIX AND MATCH version patches

- Back track the steps you took. (you missed something) dont just blame the patch because your lost and confused about the games mechanics.
- Research the error on google (common mistakes cause the same issue repeatedly im sure someones already posted about it)
- Check your game/update versions (you might be attached to old updates but its likely it doesnt work if we have updates)
- Try again, still have issues?

We will require these to assess the issue:
  • Screenshot of the event
  • Detailed explanation of the issues.
  • Your save file (We need the issue on hand and not have to find it ourselves)
- We reword things all the time. (doesnt mean its "wrong") space limitations happen frequently and this is something we cannot work around
- We do what we need to to make it understandable to everyone.
- Spelling mistakes happen, get over it.
- We sometimes build legends to have a quick references as well.

- Just like the game, we have our own style.
- We choose fonts that are easily readable with the space we need to use.
- Don't like it... don't care... do it yourself.

We aren't a big team, we are only a DUO. One couple, a lot of time consuming work for two people which consists of:
  • Research
  • Translation
  • Graphic Designing
  • Romhacking
  • Hex Editing
  • Finding & Learning Tools
  • Proofreading & Brainstorming
  • Testing
We start every project from scratch --- our projects are NOT others peoples projects ---
So DON'T use other peoples files with our files.


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