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Wiiflow lite 5.5.4 , 10 themes in one pack 2024 - with extras

About this pack.


Inside you find 3 folders.

1. BCT Copy to SD 1st

This is a custom theme set that that unlike most others themes I've seen, this theme adds 3 Extra buttons to the source flow.
Genres, Hacks and Favorites.
There are 12 extra buttons in genres to access your roms from and 4 in hacks.
This enables you to put all your retro lightgun games in one place, which was the goal when this project started.
In addition to just lightgun games you can also put other games from diffrent consoles in one place such as your Racing games and Fighters.

These are the systems and genres that are set up to the buttons in this theme set.

Beat em ups = NES, SNES , MD , MAME 2003 (cores A B C D E E2 F G), FBA CPS1&2, NeoGeo
Fighting = NES, SNES, Not64,Wii64, MD, PS1, FBA CPS1&2, NeoGeo
Lightgun = NES, SNES, MS, MD ,MegaCD, PS1, A7800, Amiga
Mario & DK vs Sonic = NES, SNES, Not64, Wii64, MS, MD
Platforms = NES, SNES, MS, MD, PS1
Racing = NES, SNES,Not64,Wii64, MS, MD, PS1
Sports = NES, SNES, Wii64, MS, MD
Strategy = NES, SNES, MD, PS1
TV & Movies = NES, SNES, MS, MD
1st person shooters = MD, Not64, Wii64, PS1

There is also an ALL Arcade button as well as 12 buttons for the different arcade cores.

This theme has been structured to work with the wiiflow 2024 plugins pack
so if you have used that pack you should simply be able to merge the blank custom theme with it by dragging the folders contents to the root of your SD card.

Aswell as the theme I have also included the emulator.dol that are set up to work with it and all the extra plugins.ini files in 2. Plugins and needed data

2. Plugins and needed data

In hear you will find 2 folders within the wiiflow folder.

3. Exras Custom theme addons

Within this folder you will find 10 different folders that contain diffrent looks for
the custom labled theme.

list of looks

Cactus Jack
Donkey Kong
Ganja man
Music man
Retro boy
Simple black
Stranger Things

As an extra I have also included some screenshots of a few of the other looks.

There is more info about this pack and set up within the text docs inside.

Hope this works as good for you as it does for me and a massive thanks to everyone else who has put in a spectacular amout of work in bringing wiiflow to where it is today.
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