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DSi Common Key Bruteforcer



Staff member
It's nearly impossible, but the DSi Common Key could be bruteforced. Since this is a large community, it would increase the odds of finding it if as many as possible ran this program.

Updated: (5/5)
Download: http://www.mediafire.com/?zjmtdybjlum
+ Speed increase by roughly 16-20 times previous.
+ Fixed writing of common key to file.

Source and binary included (Windows, .NET only). It works by attempting to decrypt NUS DSi content.

Modes described (Bold is recommended mode):
- Standard: Increments from 0. Not recommended unless you are part of a BIG organized attack.
- 'Secure' Random: Generates random, non-zero byte keys to verify with. A good choice.
- '1' Bit Mode: Secure Random, but knows that the first bit of the key is 1, and makes sure the keys follow that rule.
- Standard Random: Obsolete due to uselessness.
- Debug Mode: Use to check certain key validity.

If you should happen to discover the key, be sure to inform someone who knows how to use it; ie. someone at DSiBrew/Wiibrew.

Good luck.

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