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The Meme Box



Staff member
In this thread, post video game meme pictures.
If they are good enough they will be featured in the Meme Box on the home page!

The rules:
- each post must contain only one image, other images will be ignored
- the image must be uploaded as attachment (or pasted into the post, which automatically generates an attachment) *HOTLINKING IS NOT ALLOWED/WILL NOT WORK*
- only post pictures if they are funny and/or relevant to video games
- do not post pictures that have nothing to do with video games. You may receive a warn if you do so.
- posts submitted by the staff, or member-submitted posts which get 5 likes or more, will be featured on the home page automatically.
- you are allowed to discuss and react to memes even if your post doesn't contain images

From the meme box on the home page, you can 'like' memes by clicking on them (on desktop) or tapping on them (on mobile).
Or simply 'like' the posts in this forum thread right here to boost user-posted memes and give them a chance to hit the front page.
Have fun!

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