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ROM Hack Super Koopa RPG is here!



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Jan 25, 2024
Just in time for the Super Mario RPG remake released for the Nintendo Switch just this last year, Super Koopa RPG: Here Comes The Koopa Bros! has been released!

Mario and Luigi have gone missing! While the Mushroom Kingdom mourns the loss of their resident heroes, Bowser wastes no time in seizing the opportunity and invades the Mushroom Kingdom. Just when his victory seems assured, a mysterious shadowy being appears and kidnaps both Bowser and Princess Peach! Bowser's second-in-command, Kamek, sends the most elite fighting team the Koopa Troop has ever known, the Koopa Bros., to find King Bowser. Join the Koopa Bros., and a surprise 5th member, as they journey across the Mushroom Kingdom to find the four missing figures and uncover the sinister plot behind their disappearance…

Super Koopa RPG is a full scale romhack of Super Mario RPG: Legend of the Seven Stars for the Super Nintendo created by AnAxemRanger. The original five playable characters have been replaced by the four Koopa Bros., who were first introduced in the game Paper Mario for the Nintendo 64. They are joined by a certain blue shelled, bandana-wearing koopa who fought against them in the same game.

Other features of this game include:

• New levels

• New events

• New story and character dialogues

• Custom sprites, including allies, NPCs, weapons, and enemies

• Custom animations

• New items and equipment

• New enemy stats, attack patterns, strengths & weaknesses, and more

• Side content, including collectibles, secret levels, tough battles, and more

Fans both new and old will enjoy these changes along with the RPG style gameplay, quirky character interactions, and hilarious story moments that the original Super Mario RPG is known for. Veterans looking for a bit more of a challenge will enjoy the optional content which includes bosses who expect you to be at a high level with the best equipment available. Download the patch and join the Koopa Bros. on their journey across the Mushroom Kingdom!

To see some demo videos go here: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PL2oB74dpc8tneql-McLCkMxBJW66VTR1M


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