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Game Information

Game Title: Tekken 8


  • PC (Jan 25, 2024)
  • PlayStation 5 (Jan 25, 2024)
  • Xbox Series X/S (Jan 25, 2024)

Developer: Bandai Namco Studios Inc.

Publisher: Bandai Namco Entertainment

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Critic Reviews

AltChar - Asmir Kovacevic - 85 / 100

Featuring a wide variety of modes, impressive graphics and compelling sound, Tekken 8 distinguishes itself as a standout in the fighting game genre.

But Why Tho? - Charles Hartford - 9.5 / 10

Tekken 8 offers great gameplay through precise controls, gorgeous visuals, and audio that energizes the player.

COGconnected - Jaz Sagoo - 93 / 100

Quote not yet available

Cerealkillerz - Steve Brieller - German - 9 / 10

Tekken 8's presentation is brilliant and complements the intense, more offense-oriented gameplay perfectly. Another highlight is how the game tries to introduce beginners into Tekken and gives them several tools for self-improvement, like the replay tips. On the flipside, this support doesn't include intermediates which is a missed chance. Also, the single player modes are quite short. Overall Tekken 8 still takes our place as best fighting game of the current gen as the gameplay and presentation are superb.

Checkpoint Gaming - Omi Koulas - 8 / 10

TEKKEN 8 unleashes a storm of punches, blending chaotic Mishima drama with accessible combat changes. The short story, though dramatic, loses steam, but the Heat system and Special Style redefine the fight. Arcade Quest mode injects a needed charm, offering a nostalgic journey with opportunities to grow your fighting game skills. Visually stunning with a diverse soundtrack, the game achieves a balance between the familiar and the cutting-edge. Despite a stumble in the narrative, TEKKEN 8 delivers a knockout combo.

Cultured Vultures - Ash Bates - 9 / 10

Tekken 8 appeals to both the casual and hardcore playerbase, with a great selection of modes, training tools and additional gameplay depth. 2024's fighting games are off to an excellent start.

FandomWire - Adil Farooq - 10 / 10

Compared to previous entries, Online Mode is a huge improvement. The net code has been improved a lot since Tekken 7, and that was already evident in the previous tests that the game had. Ultimately, the greatest thing about Tekken 8 is that I can picture myself playing this game for years to come. Whether that be by myself, with my friends, family, or even a complete stranger, the fight will always keep bringing me back. Tekken 8 is a fighting game masterpiece and could even be a frontrunner for the best fighting game of all time.

GGRecon - Dave McAdam - 5 / 5

It almost feels clinical to say, like it's a technicality, but this is the best Tekken game I have ever played. Tekken 7 was the best, and this one is better. It gives you more of everything, bigger, louder, and better. I don't say that with one ounce of begrudgery, I am wholeheartedly in love with Tekken 8. It earns the top spot by being undeniably brilliant.

Gamer Guides - Chris Moyse - 83 / 100

Tekken returns to the ring with a powerful new engine that sees The King of Iron Fist Tournament looking, sounding, and performing at its most majestic. Gameplay still forgoes evolution in favor of tradition, resulting in progress that is mostly skin-deep. Regardless, Tekken 8 remains a blast to play, set to keep competitive hype fires burning throughout 2024 and beyond.

IGN Korea - Donghun Lee - Korean - 9 / 10

The main focus of the game's concept heavily promotes aggressiveness. So the low-risk, high-return situations have been reduced and with the addition of the Heat system, this drives players to be in reach even more, but let's not forget that a fighting game also requires precise spacing thus making it virtually similar from its predecessor. There have been some short-cut action buttons for beginner players and plenty of content to teach the understanding of how a fighting game may be played. Of all the Tekken series in the past, this one is definitely the most beginner friendly and have designed their system in order to narrow its gap, with the hopes of keeping both the returning players as well as providing convenience to the newcomers.

Kakuchopurei - Alleef Ashaari - 80 / 100

It's hard to change things too much for a fighting game franchise, but Tekken 8 ultimately does feel like a major improvement over Tekken 7. The amazing next-gen visuals, the cinematic story mode, and the new mechanics make the gameplay more fun and exciting; they're all that will make Tekken 8 a more memorable entry in the franchise. Will be as iconic of a game as Tekken 3 or Tekken 5? Only time will tell but it sure does look like it.

MondoXbox - Andrea Giuliani - Italian - 9 / 10

Tekken 8 greatly improves its proven formula: the Heat system manages to make every fight faster and adrenalinic rewarding a more aggressive style, while studying every move and training become essential parts of the experience. Bandai Namco's new game affirms itself as the new king of 3D fighters, thanks to the solid and deep gameplay that made this series unique and timeless.

Multiplayer First - Paulmichael Contreras - 9.5 / 10

Tekken 8 joins a full roster of fighting games, and competes with the best of them. Naturally, as we couldn't take the game online during our review period, it remains to be seen how effective Bandai Namco and Akira were at implementing rollback netcode. All Tekken fans should buy Tekken 8 without hesitation, and most fighting game fans will find something to like as well. Though the year may have just started, Tekken 8 will probably compete for fighting game of the year and barring any surprises, should be the runaway winner.

One More Game - Chris Garcia - Buy

Tekken 8 makes the wait worth it by successfully introducing new systems that make sense and improve both the player's and spectator's points of view with explosive action. Newcomers will appreciate the thoughtful onboarding process while giving veteran and pro players a deep combat system to sink hundreds of hours into.
It feels like Tekken 8 has successfully taken the step to the next level, releasing an installment that's not just a simple iteration but with significant updates and changes that make it feel fresh and fun. Time will tell if the team can successfully support it the way they have with Tekken 7, but this is an extremely solid launch experience that's certainly ready for the big stage.

PSX Brasil - Portuguese - 95 / 100

Quote not yet available

PowerUp! - Adam Mathew - 9 / 10

Tekken 8 is a hugely entertaining powerhouse of a sequel that's been well worth the wait. What else is there left to say other than get [your wallet] ready for the next battle?

Press Start - Matthew Zimmari - 9 / 10

Tekken 8 shows just how easy it is for a long-running franchise to remain fresh and relevant, while still offering a familiar experience to established fans. An engaging Story Mode coupled with Character Episodes keeps the narrative running, while Arcade Quest and Tekken Ball gives newcomers the opportunity to learn the ropes. While some fans may not like that their favourite character is missing from the roster, Tekken 8 fills the gaps with fresh new faces and the hint of more characters on the horizon. It's time to get ready for the next battle!

Push Square - Robert Ramsey - 9 / 10

Tekken 8 is a modern fighting game masterclass. It doesn't skimp on single-player modes, its online offering is robust, and it's a serious visual spectacle. But most importantly, the battles are brilliant; accessible yet deeply technical, and supremely satisfying to be a part of - perhaps more so than ever before. There's no fighting game series quite like Tekken, and Tekken 8 is the franchise at its bombastic best.

SECTOR.sk - Matúš Štrba - Slovak - 9 / 10

But Tekken 8 could be the best after the legendary third instalment. The focus on aggressive gameplay will appeal to a part of the audience. I also praise the game's openness to completely new players, who can quickly and easily get into the game thanks to the new system. I have to praise the amount of content, the very well functioning online, the extensive character appearance editor and also the huge gallery where you can unlock art, videos and other things. It's a real treat for fans and a great way to introduce newcomers to a series they'll love.

Saudi Gamer - Arabic - 10 / 10

Tekken 8 is the ultimate form of the veteran franchise that will make every Tekken player and fan proud of how much Bandai Namco have achieved with this masterpiece

Siliconera - Joel Couture - 9 / 10

There's a wealth of wonderful fighting to be had in Tekken 8, and it's a fantastic place to take your first steps into Tekken.

Stevivor - Steve Wright - 7 / 10

Tekken 8 will surely impress fans but I struggled to connect with it like I have Mortal Kombat 1 and Street Fighter 6. There's no denying it's a feast for the senses and is full of stuff to do... but if you're like me and haven't found Tekken memorable despite playing it across many years and many platforms, that's unlikely to change here.

The Game Crater - Chris Melnyk - 9 / 10

Whether you're a fresh face to the genre or returning to settle old grudges, Tekken 8 is absolutely for you and easily the most robust fighting game of the year.

The Outerhaven Productions - Karl Smart - 4.5 / 5

Tekken 8 is a solid outing for the Unreal 5 engine, using it to improve the already impressive graphics we had with Tekken 7. The gameplay is solid with a lot of modes for you to play for hours on end. However, PC users should be warned that their version may have frame rate issues. If these issues are patched, then Tekken 8 will be the best fighting game on the market.

TheSixthAxis - Nick Petrasiti - 9 / 10

Tekken 8 has started 2024 off with a bang, proving once again why this fighting series is great! It's maybe not quite as newcomer friendly as Street Fighter 6, but has a bevy of modes and new tweaks that means it's going in the right direction to be a game for all players, old and new, and will only get better over time.

VGC - Chris Scullion - 5 / 5

Tekken 8 is a sensational sequel. With a renewed emphasis on single-player modes and a new Heat mechanic which ensures fights are more frenetic, it's up there with Tekken 3 as one of the most exciting high points in the series.

VideoGamer - Alex Raisbeck - 10 / 10

Tekken 8 is the ultimate Tekken game. A glossy veneer of modernity encases a strong foundation that builds upon its predecessors to great success. In every regard, Tekken 8 matches and surpasses the very best that the series, and the fighting game genre as a whole, has to offer.

XboxEra - Genghis Husameddin - 9.5 / 10

TEKKEN 8 is an outstanding fighting game. An extremely strong 3D fighter with lots of offline content, strong core mechanics, and all around a fun and stylish game. TEKKEN continues to show the world why it's the winner of the Iron Fist Tournament.

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