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Sony PlayStation 5

A comprehensive list of tutorials, guides, walkthroughs and more catering specifically to the Sony PlayStation 5 video game platform. Looking for help on how to hack or modify your system? These in-depth guides will provide all the information you'll need with easy to follow step-by-step instructions. Need any further help? Post a reply to get expert advice from members of our community.
Chad Waliser
PS5 HACK STATUS: Recommended FW: 4.03 Highest kernel exploit: 4.51 KEX offsets found: 3.00-4.51 Highest webkit entrypoint: 5.50 Mast1C0re entrypoint: 6.50 (PS2 brew) BD-JB entrypoint: 7.61 HEN: etaHEN 1.4b HERE PS5 backup loading: Itemzflow for 3.XX-4.5X HERE PS4 backup loading: FPKG Enabler...