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Sony PSP

A comprehensive list of tutorials, guides, walkthroughs and more catering specifically to the Sony PSP video game platform. Looking for help on how to hack or modify your system? These in-depth guides will provide all the information you'll need with easy to follow step-by-step instructions. Need any further help? Post a reply to get expert advice from members of our community.
yeah sorry if this is confusing but here i go on my first tutorial This tutorial is to teach you how to install, and use CWcheat. It is a plugin that allows you to use cheats in game for PSP, and PS Classic games. well thats all there is too it if you want me to add a tutorial to...
Chad Waliser
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In the following I will write a detailed guide on how to update your PSP to the newest hackable Firmware and how to install the newest (Light) Custom Firmware. This will not be a fancy guide. Don't await any fancy graphics, this will be a simple text guide with a few screenshots to help you...
Chad Waliser
Before Installation 1000, 2000 (TA-088v2 and older) PSPs: use cIPL instead of Infinity (CIPL_Flasher folder). https://www.psdevwiki.com/psp/Motherboards#Hackability identify the motherboard: PSPident v0.75 (L)CFW must be reapplied every time the PSP is turned off/restarted (FastRecovery...