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Football Manager 2024 Touch (Real-Names/Licence Fix)


So, after spending the last few years being throughly disappointed at the lack of a packaged editor with the Football Manager Touch releases; I've finally worked out how to apply fan-made patches to the latest Nintendo Switch release.. :yayswitch:

FM24 Real Names Corrected

  • All playable clubs names from all continents
  • All major leagues names
  • All non-playable Europe Top Leagues club names
  • Almost all minor leagues names
  • All Continental, National and National Cups names
  • Continental awards
  • Some stadium names

A quick shout-out to the teams at DBI for allowing me to easily deep-dive into the games file structure, FMSCOUT for the LNC change files & Atmosphere for the beastly protocol, LayeredFS.! I couldn't have done it without you.! 🙇:grog:

Please note, the following prerequisites are required:

i) Nintendo Switch running Atmosphere CFW
ii) Football Manager Touch 2024 Installation

To install Real-Name/Licence fixes:

i) Download the attached LayeredFS package & extract ZIP contents n.b. 01008B101B87A000.zip
n.b. if you're using a different region game release, change the name of the extracted folder to match your game ID

ii) Copy the gameID folder package to switch:\atmosphere\contents\
iii) Launch game & enjoy.!

To confirm that the name-changes are being applied; start a new game & select the Italian league when at team-selection, if Napoli/Roma are listed, the game is being patched.! Also, you should see Man Utd name-listed within the Premier League..

Next task, trying to apply Logo/Face packs into the game, i'll update the thread when I get this working... :yay:

***Remember of the issues posed by transferring large number of files & your MicroSD's file system i.e FAT32/exFAT, clustering-size, capacity/size issues when tranferring from NTFS*** :teach:

After some more investigation on the games file-structure, some work will need to be done with images to re-structure them correctly, a number of simple methods i've tried have been causing fatal Atmosphere errors. I'm currently in the process of dumping the games contents to SD, I'll see what I can do...! :rolleyes:

Useful Sources:

Atmosphere Releases Github
Reddit: Real Name Fix, Icons, Logos for FM Touch 24
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