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How to play Pokerogue on Nintendo Switch

I've been stuck grinding this game (https://pokerogue.net/)for days now and wanted a more convenient way to play it.

For this guide, you will need to have android installed on your system using switchroot. At the very least until the game's JS source code is properly ported to the system using NX.JS by @tootallnate (if anyone wants to take on this project, I will happily donate a modded system)

Anyways onto the guide

  1. Follow the switchroot guide to install android to your Nintendo switch: https://wiki.switchroot.org/wiki/android/11-r-setup-guide
  2. Once installed and you're viewing the android homescreen, open the playstore and download the "Downloader" app. This is the easiest way to download and install APKs IMO: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.esaba.downloader&hl=en_US
  3. Open the downloader app, and enter the URL to billy's repo. You can also use a URL shortener if you'd like to be lazy. So feel free to type either of these links as they are the same
  4. Code:
  5. Once downloaded, follow the prompts from the downloader app to give it permission to install external files, and install the game.
  6. Navigate back to the playstore, download/install "leankey keyboard" as your main system keyboard, since this will be required to login to your account as of now(until the devs fix the keyboard bug)
  7. once installed and activated as your main Android keyboard, you should be able to open the game app from your system's homescreen;

  1. Once inside the app, you're now free to either play online or offline. If you choose to play online. You will be asked to sign into an account. Now this is why you had to install a 3rd party keyboard as this step is a bit buggy for now. You will need to manually tap on the "username" field to bring up the "leankey keyboard' and will need to enter your username using the touchscreen only as the controller will not work for this step.
  2. Once you manage to use the inaccurate keyboard to type your username, tap "next" to start typing your password
  3. once done tap enter, and wait a few moments to sign in(the app can take a minute to think)
  4. ???
  5. profit!
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