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ROM Hack Aria of Sorrow: Reprise v1.0 release

After almost a year and a half in development and many beta versions, Aria of Sorrow Reprise v1.0 is now released!

Reprise is a roguelike mod for Aria of Sorrow with a procedurally generated castle along with custom rooms, extensive new features, effects and re-balancing. Explore randomized areas, clear rooms, and then fight the boss to advance the game. Experiment with new equipment and soul abilities, with changes documented in-game with the '~' character. There are many more details in the readme, but it is easy to jump in and play!

This mod is targeted to both beginners and experienced players with 4 difficulties, and does not require any previous map knowledge due to it's progression system and map generation. It's also very replayable, just use a different filename to generate a different castle.

This has been a rewarding project that a lot of effort was put into - huge thanks to everyone who has played it and provided feedback to get to this point. Enjoy this latest release!


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