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Hardware AYANEO Is Showing Off Two Game Boy-Style Handhelds This Week


AYANEO has given us a better look at the back of the Pocket DMG:

AYANEO has revealed that it will be showing off three new products this week, including its previously-teased Pocket DMG.

"Taking inspiration from the legendary vertical handheld consoles, AYANEO Pocket DMG marks a return to the roots of handheld gaming aspirations," says the company. The system has only been seen in close-up images so far, but appears to be based on the Game Boy.

Also during the event, which takes place on May 18th, AYANEO will show off the Pocket MICRO, "which is inspired by Nintendo GBM [Game Boy Micro] and designed for demanding retro gamers like us."

The third product is the AYANEO AG01, "a multi-functional GPU dock under the Remake concept. It is a new interpretation of sci-fi aesthetics, blending cutting-edge design with unrivalled performance."

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