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WARNING: You need to make a NAND backup with Bootmii before using this tool.
This is required to recover from fatal errors.

cBoot2 is a patched Boot2. You should be able to install a patched IOS if Bootmii is installed at boot2 location. You need to remove the GC memory card from slot 2 if you run this.

Note: This package is only needed for people, who have updated without return and lost all downgrade capabilities. You will need a boot1 with a sign bug to use it.

Purpose: Start patched IOS without installing using Bootmii loader. The
original Bootmii doesn't support to modify the file system. With this
package you get around this problem.

The description is included in the file.

Edit: Link to new version, which will work if Bootmii is installed as IOS and fix SD card problems.

I am not sure if this will work on all systems. Please give me some response, if this is working.

It is configured for PAL. It should changed the mode when boot.dol is started.

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