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News Cleared Hot Is The Desert Strike Spiritual Successor We've All Been Waiting For



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A new trailer for Cleared Hot has just been released, showing some more of the locations in the game.

Original Story [Fri 17th May, 2024 11:00 BST]: EA's Desert Strike series was one of '90s gaming's most popular franchises, and spanned a wide range of systems, including the Mega Drive, SNES, Game Boy and PS1.

Sadly, since the launch of Nuclear Strike back in 1997, the series has remained dormant – but, as is so often the case in these situations, fans are filling the void.

In the case of the Strike series, we have Colin Karpfinger to thank; he's been working on Cleared Hot for the past few years, having formally announced it back in 2021.

The game is still listed as 'coming soon' on Steam, but Karpfinger has been posting regular updates on his social media showing its progress.

"CLEARED HOT is a top-down helicopter shooter with unscripted physics and light tactical elements," reads the game's Steam page. "Shoot, dodge, move your troops around the battlefield, and pick up just about anything with your rope and electro-magnet."

Here's some more to whet your appetite:

With fully physics-based action, even your fails are fun. Send enemies ragdolling through the air with your rockets. Load more troops onto your helicopter, and feel the weight change. Dodge heat seeking rockets that actively try to chase you down.
The action is even hotter at night. Fly under the cover of darkness, and utilize your night vision or thermal goggles to get the jump on the enemy. Just try to keep track of which soldiers are on your side!
You're basically a taxi…with a minigun. Transport troops to take enemy territory, or position them to defend your own base. Deploy them wisely to complete your objectives, and try not to drop too many along the way.
Haul a**…and just about anything else. The electro-magnet allows you to transport vehicles and objects around the map to support your ground troops. Steal enemy vehicles, and bring them back to your base. You can pick up anything that's not tied down, so get creative.
Cleared Hot features a quickplay mode, a full single-player campaign, multiple choppers to command, customizable loadouts, upgrades and new weapons and much more.

You can wishlist it here.

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