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News Dead of Darkness to push the boundaries of pixel-generated fear


You can always rely on eastasiasoft to publish interesting indie games. And at remarkable speed. It's hard to think of a more prolific publisher. Dead of Darkness is the latest one, and this is an ambitious game in so many ways.

Developed by Retrofiction, Dead of Darkness is a horror game with a strong narrative focus that has been inspired by many of the greats in video games and cinema.

From the press release: "Dead of Darkness puts players in the shoes of Miles Windham and Olivia Greene as they head to Velvet Island, the location of a mental hospital that entangles them in a series of dark secrets. Gameplay is presented in old-school top-down pixel art, while fully voiced dialogue accompanies detailed HD character portraits."

That last note about fully voiced dialogue is a particularly important one. Eastasiasoft is particularly proud of that edition when most indie projects at this scale overlook that.

The trailer highlights a horror narrative that may be very intense, if it's representative of the entire game's experience.

There are no details on release dates just yet, but the game will be released on PC first, with console ports coming later.

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