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Translation Final Fantasy V: Whirlwind Released



Staff member
Inevitably underappreciated in relation to its 16-bit siblings after its being denied a Western release, Final Fantasy V now gets a Western exclusive.

For use only with RPGe's translation, Whirlwind is an improvement hack for players looking for more randomization than what the Four Job Fiesta (FJF) does to the job system. The hack's features include the following.

  • Get a random job each level up.
  • All jobs are available to be assigned from the start.
  • Galuf has no Mime sprites, so protection was added to keep him from getting a Mime roll.
  • Equip up to three abilities instead of one.
  • Discussions available via community Discord server.
For a demonstration, see the video trailer on the project page. Retro Achievements is also supported; see the Relevant Link below.


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