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Hacking Modders hint at potential kernel exploit hack for Xbox One consoles


It's been a while since Microsoft released the Xbox One, and despite its age, there haven't been any reliable softmod methods to hack the console. Until now. A post started making the rounds, saying that a method for executing kernel level code on the Xbox One had been found. A list of instructions for preparing Xbox One systems to be hacked was also provided, with the process being as follows:

  1. Ensure your Xbox Live account Login-Type is configured as "No barriers" aka. auto-login with no password prompt
  2. Set your console as "Home Console" for this account
  3. Download the App Game Script
  4. Start the app (to ensure license is downloaded/cached)
  5. Take your console offline! To make extra sure it cannot reach the internet, set a manual primary DNS address of
  6. Get a device/microcontroller that can simulate a Keyboard (rubber ducky or similar) - otherwise you have to type a lot manually :D

This method appears to use a UWP app called Game Script on the Xbox One to execute the code, and was discovered by a user named carrot_c4k3. It seems as though the hack will require a lot of manual typing, unless you have a device that can simulate a keyboard, according to the preparation instructions. Reportedly, the latest firmware update for the Xbox One has already patched the exploit out, with the last exploitable firmware being 10.0.25398.4478.

:arrow: Source
:arrow: Video guide on how to prepare your system
:arrow: Proof of concept code

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