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Emulation Odin 2 Maker AYN's Next Handheld Has PS Vita Vibes And A Mini LED Display


AYN Technologies has lifted the lid on its next handheld following the release of the Odin 2 last year – and it will use Mini LED display technology.

The company has been teasing the device recently, posting on social media that it will weigh in at just 320 grams – that's quite a bit lighter than the Odin 2.

However, the more recent confirmation of the Mini LED panel has triggered more interest.

1715701720580.png 1715701730053.png
This screen will be capable of reaching 1,100 nits peak brightness, and will boast a contrast ratio of 1,000,000:1, as well as 155% sRGB colour space coverage.

Outside of confirming it won't be Windows-based (expect it to be running Android OS), AYN hasn't revealed much more in the way of information.

The Android-based gaming handheld sector is clearly hotting up; AYN rival AYANEO is launching its Pocket S this year, a powerful and sleek device with impressive power.

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