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Hardware This Mega Drive / Genesis Clone Looks Like An N64, Because Why Not


We still see hilariously bad clone systems these days, but back in the '90s, the sheer volume of ropey imitations that flowed from the Far East was a sight to behold.

There were countless Famicom / NES replications with often amusing names, all due to the fact that the internal hardware was basic enough that it could successfully be copied by unscrupulous manufacturers in China and Taiwan.

Because there were so many of these unofficial devices (which, we should add, gave many players in that part of the world their first taste of video games, legitimate or not), we're always stumbling across new examples – and the Songa Mega Drive 3 has to be one of the best / worst yet (thanks, Dan 'The Mega' Driver).

According to Unauthorizon: The Clone Console Database, this particular console originates from Argentina, but was manufactured by Dongguan Dewei Electronic Co.,Ltd / Zoga in China (although some consoles say 'Kin Wai Investments Limited' on the bottom).

Despite being shaped like an N64 and coming with PS1-style controllers in some iterations, this is very much a Mega Drive. In some editions, it shipped with a Saturn-style control pad.

As you can see from the video above, the console outputs a 50Hz (PAL) signal. According to @Akino_R11NOR, "the sound is loud and depending on the software, there may be a bit of distortion."

While we certainly won't be rushing out to purchase one of these machines, we do like the fact that it calls to mind an alternate reality where Sega and Nintendo teamed up to create the "Mega 64".

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