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Gaming Xbox Games Showcase 2024 - new DOOM and Gears of War announced, Starfield DLC, and more


Following upon the Summer Game Fest is Microsoft, who is set to take the stage and show what Xbox has on offer for its fans. The Xbox Games Showcase begins soon, and everything announced at the event will be notated here. Follow along with our coverage, or share your thoughts on all things Xbox, when the stream kicks off at 12pm CT.

We begin on a reiteration that Xbox owns Activision now, with the reveal of Call of Duty: Black Ops 6. Shoot stuff and blow even more stuff up, in the name of America. It's set directly after the Cold War, in 1991. After this show, a 25-minute trailer will drop, giving fans a longer look at further details.

Xbox will be releasing all Call of Duty content for all platforms with parity, now. Betas included. It will be the first CoD game released day 1 on Game Pass. October 25 launch date.

Phil Spencer says he's beyond excited to announce this next game. It's a Bethesda one. DOOM is back. DOOM: The Dark Ages releases next year. It'll be a prequel to the series.

Undead Labs is next, with a new State of Decay. Extended cinematic trailer. State of Decay 3.

Next is Dragon Age: The Veilguard, coming this fall.

Bethesda's back again, with new Starfield content. Shattered Space DLC is out this fall, with a new update dropping tonight as well, which adds new locations and gear to the base game. New custom content from the community as well.

Oh look, more Bethesda. Fallout 76. The first map expansion for the game. Vault 63 is the newest place to explore, in Skyline Valley, with the Shenandoah National Park. You'll be able to play as a Ghoul, too. Launches June 12.

We've got an open world RPG game going now. Expedition 33 will be releasing next year. Has turn-based combat with a party.

3D action game. You've got powers that let you grapple around. There's some interesting double jump, floating, and flinging traversal options you can maneuver with. Good look at the gameplay on offer. South of Midnight, also out next year.

World of Warcraft: The War Within releases August 26.

We've got Metal Gear next. MGS 3 Delta gameplay and cutscene trailer.

Sea of Thieves is getting new content. Season 13 out July 25.

Another action game, in this one who can turn into a ferret creature and teleport. It's a Soulslike from the Ashen devs. Flintlock: The Siege of Dawn is out July 18.

Age of Mythology: Retold releases September 4.

Crystal Dynamics is up. First person game. There's exploration and stealth. Parkour and sneaking. Perfect Dark is back.

Diablo IV: Vessel of Hatred is an expansion for the game, which will be out this fall. October 8.

Playground Games finally has some new Fable content. Some gameplay is shown. Fable will be out next year.

Onto an FPS where you have cards that can affect gameplay aspects. It's a 5v5 hero shooter called Fragpunk.

There's a slower paced crafting game now, where you play as a mouse trying to repair your tree stump home. There's combat and crafting. Winter Burrow out early 2025.

Skateboard like it's late 80s in this next game. Styled a lot like an 80s teen movie. Even features famous 80s bands for the real aesthetic. Mixtape. 2025.

You can now fly a plane smothered in Red Bull ads in Microsoft Flight Sim. There's also medical planes and charter helicopters, cropdusters, and more, that you can now pilot. Flight Sim 2024, out this November.

Bethesda's back, tell a friend. It's The Elder Scrolls Online. Gold Road expansion launches June 18th.

Life is Strange is back. Follow the latest chapter of Max's life. Instead of controlling time, she can switch between timelines. Life is Strange: Double Exposure is out October 29.

Indiana Jones update. Killing nazis like Indy does best. It's out this year, but no locked in release date.

Mecha Break is getting a beta test this August, releases next year. You play as mechs that can fly and use swords to kill other mechs.

Choose good or evil in this next game. It's Obsidian's Avowed, coming later this year. We get a tiny look at story.

Nuclear war has ended the world in this game. Robotic creations and radiation zombies are trying to kill you in Atomfall, coming 2025.

Samurai game. Assassin's Creed Shadows is out November 15th. The Japanese-setting that AC fans have been waiting for.

STALKER 2 is out September 4th.

Xbox is releasing a new all-digital Xbox Series X, out this holiday.

That's a wrap.

Just kidding...ONE MORE REVEAL!

We end on a trailer for a new Gears of War. Gears of War E-Day.

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