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Retro "Mega Man Mania" fan project aims to colorize the entirety of the Mega Man Game Boy entries


The Blue Bomber has now passed 36 years since its inception, with the original title being released on December 17th, 1987, and it's close to celebrating its 37th anniversary this year.

Among the many anniversary celebrations Mega Man had over the years, there's one in particular which never saw the light of day. While the Mega Man Anniversary Collection saw an official release for the PlayStation 2, Xbox and Nintendo Gamecube back in 2004, there's one collection for the GBA that never saw the light of the day and was supposed to be released alongside the main console collection, with this particular one being a collection of all the Mega Man Game Boy titles packed into one GBA cartridge, with some new features added, as well as all of them being colorized to some extend.

The GBA collection was originally titled "Mega Man Mania", and that's the title which many fans have used since then to refer to the cancelled anniversary project.

Today, after 20 years since Mega Man Mania got cancelled, a community of very talented Mega Man fans have taken it upon themselves to create their own colorized version of all the Game Boy titles of the Blue Bomber, and the fan project has taken the title of "Mega Man Mania", as the original release was known initially.

Featuring a brand new trailer, veteran romhacker MarcMax showcased the already existing GB DX hacks, with the very first being Mega Man World 5 DX, which MarcMax worked on some years ago alongside kensuyjin, and the very first Mega Man World having a DX version right now as well by Specialagentape.

But that's not all the trailer showcases, as Marc also shows the upcoming GB Mega Man titles that are getting the DX treatments as well, and this includes all of the other remaining GB Mega Man titles, these being Mega Man World 2 DX (by Specialagentape), Mega Man World 3 (by MarcMax and kensuyjin) and closing the trailer up with the announcement of Mega Man World 4, covering the entire release of Mega Man World games on the Game Boy with brand new fan-made DX versions, as the original Mega Man Mania would have.

Those interested can try out the already released DX romhacks for both Mega Man World 1 and 5 over at Romhacking.net, and be sure to keep a close eye on MarcMax's YouTube Channel for any upcoming announcements for the rest of the Mega Man World DX romhacks!

:arrow: MarcMax's YouTube Channel
:arrow: Mega Man World 5 DX romhack at Romhacking.net
:arrow: Mega Man World: Wily's Revenge DX romhack at Romhacking.net

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