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News 'Phoenix Springs', a neo-noir point-and-click game, gets release date


Phoenix Springs is an upcoming neo-noir, point-and-click game featuring hand-drawn art and full voice acting. Developer Calligram Studio announced the launch date for the game over the weekend and aired a trailer for the occasion:

It all begins when reporter Iris Dormer reconnects with her estranged brother. She finds herself in Phoenix Springs, a desert oasis home to an enigmatic community. As she explores ancient ruins and interrogates a rich cast of characters, she must uncover the mysteries that connect the place, the myths, and herself.

As you follow leads and talk to characters, you will collect clues and leads in your inventory. Connect these clues with the environment or mention them in fully voice-acted conversations to progress. Discard false leads and red herrings as you solve logical puzzles designed to challenge and delight fans of story-rich interactive experiences.

Phoenix Springs launches this September 16th on PC via Steam.

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