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Retro Top-Down Ridge Racer Looks As Cool As It Sounds


Namco's Ridge Racer is one of the most popular arcade racing games of all time.

Not only did it show the arcade-going public just what was possible with texture-mapped 3D graphics, it also helped Sony launch the PS1 in 1994, becoming the console's earliest killer app.

Like so many racing games of its time, Ridge Racer offered the player an alternative to the basic 'behind the car' perspective, but now, a modder has given us a mode we never realized we needed: a top-down view.

According to the modder, the bird's-eye view is achieved by "tweaking with some RAM addresses", making the game feel like an offshoot of Micro Machines.

Ridge Racer has sadly been dormant for the past few years, but Bandai Namco has at least given us the excellent Ridge Racer 2 on Sony's PlayStation Plus Premium service.

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