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News $150 Handheld MiSTer With AMOLED Screen Starts To Take Shape



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Taki Udon has shared some more information about the upcoming handheld MiSTer.

"I made two designs for the AMOLED MiSTer handheld," he said on Twitter recently.

"Plan A was the original version I created at the same time as the consoles. After I handed off the 2D design, the 3D model did not meet my expectations. It went through some revisions before I decided to bring Plan A back to 2D. Even though the 2D looked good, I wasn't sure if it could ever work in 3D, so I made a completely different 2D design, and then I used that to make a physical clay model to verify the ergonomics and controls. I then handed off Plans A & B for 3D modeling a few weeks ago. Today, I got the 3D model of Plan B, and even though it needs some minor changes, it looks awesome. If the redesigned Plan A doesn't come back swinging in 3D, this is a good alternative."

A day later, he shared teasers for both of the 3D models. Version B "can be easily adapted to mirror retro esthetics from older systems that it can run," says Taki Udon, sharing some PS1, SNES, NES and Mega Drive examples:

However, he also seems very keen on Version A:

He also stressed that the price point will be $150 or below.

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