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Any Region Changer ModMii Edition v1.0.6 Released!



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Any Region Changer: ModMii Edition v1.0.6
Released 15 May 2022


ARCME Release v1.0.6

Thank you for your continued support of ModMii! This is the 1.0.6 release of Any Region Changer: ModMii Edition (or ARCME for short).


To use ARCME, copy the apps folder from ARCME.zip file to the root of your homebrew storage device (commonly your SD Card). Once you have done this and reinserted the device into your console ARCME should appear in the Homebrew Channel or anywhere else you load your homebrew.


  • Added/Fixed Support for Korean Wii's
  • The current SysMenu Region and Version are now displayed
  • Updated default selection on boot to the "Fix" option
  • Removed the "Reboot to System Menu" option
    • This was an intentional decision to ensure users always return to the HBC to have yet another opportunity to install priiloader or fix region settings in case precautions have not already been taken prior to loading a potentially broken system menu.
    • It is still entirely possible to exit ARCME by using the "Exit to the Homebrew Channel" option.
  • New icon! View it here.
  • Source code has been updated to compile easily and without errors or warnings

ModMii 6.6.3 is using this new version effective immediately, that's all you need to know, continue reading for details:

Long version: During update checks, ModMii 6.6.3 and older will check for temp\ARCME.zip and if it's confirmed to be v1.0.5 it will rename it, forcing ModMii to redownload it the next time it's queued. When v6.6.3 and older redownloads v1.0.5, the download has been modified so that it includes a new meta and boot.elf for 1.0.6 (but boot.dol will still be v1.0.5 so as to trick 6.6.3 into thinking it successfully downloaded v1.0.5); essentially meaning all modmii users will now start using ARCME v1.0.6 effective immediately without requiring a ModMii update. The next modmii update will grab the official arcme.zip with everything updated (new icon and dol in addition to meta and elf). I intentionally didn't change the icon in this hybrid, so users watching old\current arcme videos will see the same icon as in the video

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