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Gaming Downward: Enhanced Edition coming to PC and Consoles!



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Downward is back with an Enhanced Edition!​

It hits Steam, Nintendo Switch, PS5 and Xbox on June 4th, 2024.​

Make your way through breath-taking landscapes, face ancient guardians and unravel the deep mystery that lies behind the disappearance of humanity.​

Montpellier, France - May 21th, 2024
Amidst all the excitement of our recent successful launches and publisher week. We are excited to announce that Plug In Digital is partnering up with indie developer Caracal Games Studio, to share a surprise announcement. The underrated indie game Downward is finally coming to PC & Consoles as Downward Enchanced Edition.
It will also be available to everyone who owns the game on Steam already as a free update! Enjoy the best version of Downward, with improved graphics and new assets... Live or relive a unique experience, as this new version adds new alternative endings.
It initially launched on Steam on 13 Jul, 2017 with good reviews.
"An authentic and pleasant surprise"
8/10 – IGN

"Particularly inspired level design."
8.2/10 – The Games Machine

"If you like adventures, and you like to live them at breakneck speed"
8.0/10 – Eurogamer


Downward is a first-person open-world parkour based platform adventure set in the medieval ruins of a post-apocalyptic planet Earth. Make your way through breath-taking landscapes, face ancient guardians and unravel the deep mystery that lies behind the disappearance of humanity.


Downward will let you set off on humanity's final adventure, to seek out an explanation for the apocalypse that changed the Earth as we know it.
Taking advantage of parkour techniques and of the mysterious "anomalies" you will traverse astonishing and dangerous ruins of past civilizations, all to find the legendary artifacts meant to control the deadly calamities that came to this world.
You won't be alone in this, but what can you do? This world is not for humans anymore…

Experience challenging first-person parkour action throughout ruins of past, jump, slide, hang… Collect experience to upgrade your character's stats and powers, and use anomalies to your advantage and use your parkouring skills to face Ancient Guardians waking up, within one goal : end your journey.

Nothing is served on a platter freely explore an open-world and enjoy breathtaking landscapes, to reach secret places, collect useful items and hidden treasures. Seek out for an explanation to the anomalies and the reason humankind has been annihilated. The end of the story will depend on what pathing you took, the treasure you collect, and the way you explored this apocalyptic world….

When three stray planets mysteriously begin to orbit the Earth's atmosphere, it spells death, disaster, and the end of an era. Rising from this fall is beyond the question. The only way forward...
...is Downward.


Genre: Indie, Adventure, Casual, Parkour
Platforms: Steam, XBOX Series, PlayStation5, Nintendo Switch
Developer: Caracal Games Studio

Independent software house born in Rome in 2015. We employ the skills of experienced professionals who have worked in indie, AA and AAA field. Caracal has been recognized as the best Italian Indie studio in 2017, during the IVGA thanks to our first product, Downward. In 2018 we released OkunoKA, an extraordinary platforming hard-core experience for Nintendo Switch. We are currently working on a new, ambitious unannounced project.
Publisher: Plug In Digital
Plug In Digital is one of the world's largest independent video game distributors and helps studios and publishers distribute their games worldwide on PC, cloud, console & mobile. Plug In Digital also runs two separate publishing labels: Dear Villagers and PID Games. Creating unique single player experiences like the award-winning The Forgotten City, Alba: A Wildlife Adventure, ScourgeBringer and Gravity Circuit, including the recently released beloved titles like Fabledom, The Land Beneath Us, and also with flexible publishing and co-publishing solutions on all platforms.
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