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News "Mystical Ninja Starring Goemon" for N64 gets a fanmade PC recompilation project


The Nintendo 64 has been the main console for modern recompilation projects to PC, and with the recent release of the N64Recomp tool just a couple of months ago, more recompilation projects would start showing up with due time, and today another game joins the ranks for proper PC ports.

"Mystical Ninja Starring Goemon" was just the 2nd entry of the Goemon series released in North America back in 1998, however, the franchise had been going strong in Japan for far longer, and this title helped to further cement the presence of the Goemon series in the west.

Today, this classic title for the N64 joins the growing list of recompilation titles that get a proper PC port, with 60fps and widescreen support in this initial state. The recompilation was developed by user "Klorfmorf" from the Ganbare Goemon Discord Server, where the recompilation project was released based on the N64Recomp that was unveiled back on May of this year, with a very similar interface to that of the Majora's Mask recompilation that got released almost alongside the N64Recomp tool.

The recompilation for "Mystical Ninja Starring Goemon" only supports the Japanese release/ROM of the game so far, and the recompilation project requires the user to provide its own copy/dump of the Japanese ROM in order to run, so those interested can download the recompilation files and bring their own Japanese ROM of the game to play and test out this new PC port thanks to the recompilation tools.

:arrow: Ganbare Goemon Discord Server
:arrow: Initial release of the Mystical Ninja Recompilation (Requires a dump of the original Japanese ROM in order to work)

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