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ROM Hack [Release] Dragon Quest Monsters - Joker 3 NTR Plugin



Staff member
Jan 25, 2024
Hello my Friends ^^

It's time for an update ^^

The new CTRPluginFramework is AWESOME!
It's not only you can manually add Gameshark codes bus you're also able to create a Plugin, like the ones i did before.
And the feartures of memory manipulation, code searching... i simply love it!

So I think it's no surprise the new Plugin is CTRPF based ;)

REMARK 1: For Users already using my old version: This plugin works "WITHOUT NTR CFW". The only thing you need is the Luma3DS v9.1 Plugin Edition from @Nanquitas (see "How to Install this Plugin")
REMARK 2: For now there is no BattleScope. It's WIP as i had to rework the whole code due to the changes from CTR to CTRPF.
It's already functional but not fully implemented. And i also have some new ideas to make it even better than before ;)

but first things fist:
# How to use this plugin #
1- Press [Select] to shows up the menu
--> You can navigate in the menu with the DPAD Key UP and DOWN
--> Press A to activate / de-activate a cheat or to enter a sub-Folder
--> Press B or SELECT to exit the menu and return to the game

# How to Install this plugin #
- The regular Luma3DS version is not compatible with this Plugin!
Therefore you need the Plugin Edition by @Nanquitas
get it here.

As it's Luma v9.1 there should be no problems in using this version ;)

Installation / Activation:
Easy ;)

Just copy the contents of the zip file to your sdcards root.
You should then have a "plugin/{GAMEID}" Folder inside of your luma folder.

After that ensure the "plugin loader" inside of rosalina is activated (Press "L + Select + Down" to enter Rosalina menu)

Once everything's done go to the home menu and open Dragon Quest Monsters


# Cheats available in this plugin #
- Battle Codes
- EXP Multiplier
- Gold Multiplier
- 100% Scouting rate
- Monster Drop
- Always preemptive attack
- Always critical attack
- Same EXP for Standby
- Same EXP for Deposit
- Inventory Codes
- All Items MAX
- 999 of each WiFi-Coin
- 999.999 G in Pocket
- 999.999.999 G in Bank
- Misc Codes
- Monster Lib 100%
- Monster Size = 1
- No Material for Accessory
- Min Fusion Lv = 1
- Keep Fusion Monsters
- Movement Modifier Codes
- Movement Speed
- Jumping Height
- Infinite Air Jump
- Auto Item Pickup

# Howto use the cheats #
EXP Multiplier:
This Code multiplies the gained EXP per enemy with the entered one.
The max value is 64.

Gold Multiplier:
This Code multiplies the gained Gold per enemy with the entered one.
The max value is 64.

Monster Lib 100%
Just scout one monster to fill the whole library.

Monster Drop
Monsters will always drop a chest.


Downloads: see attachment
V0.1.0 -
- initial CTRPF based release


Tested with no problems on:
HW: n3ds-xl
FW: 11.9.0-42E
CFW: Luma3DS v9.1 Plugin Edition by @Nanquitas
Game Image: from "that iso site" (pre-translated) + sd-card files,
md5: bd786b49d8d212be1ff9acbd285bcba4
Updated to 1.1


  • DQMJ3_CTRPF_0.1.0.ZIP
    214.9 KB · Views: 26
  • DQMJ3-NTR_0.9.9.zip
    86.6 KB · Views: 17

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