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News "Resurrected" Sega Neptune Console Gets Its First Exclusive, Sword Of The Apocalypse



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We recently reported on the news that Sega's unreleased Neptune console – a Mega Drive and 32X combined – is getting an unofficial resurrection in FPGA form thanks to a Brazilian company called GamesCare.

The GF1 Neptune will also get its own exclusive games, the first of which has been officially shown off.

Sword Of The Apocalypse is a 2D side-scrolling action platformer which reminds us a little of Sega's Shinobi series. While the footage has been tagged with 'Sega Genesis', the trailer says that this particular game will be "exclusive" to the GF1 Neptune.

We're still not entirely sure if that means it won't run on original Mega Drive hardware, but once we do know for sure, we'll update this post.

Regardless of that point, it's interesting that the GF1 Neptune technically has its first exclusive release.

1720455287576.png 1720455307682.png
1720455338194.png 1720456116333.png
In other news, it seems that the GF1 Neptune is getting a Sega Master System FPGA core:


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