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Emulator Sega Model 3 UI v1.1.1.0 released!



Staff member
Created by Nuexz, it is a frontend for Super Model Emulator allowing several customizations (similar to Sega Model 2 UI).

– List of all games supported
– Overview of each game (snaps).
– Button of the repertoires of Roma.
– Load button (Load Rom)
– All video options
– All sound options
– All control options
– The link options with the system will only work with the only version created by Spindizzi.

Priorities for future releases:
– Add a new window for controls and remapping from there
– Add an individual configuration for each game


The changes are:

– I added Rawinput to Input type in the Control tab. I don't know if this option works properly.
– I've updated the source code, but it's pretty spaghetti.
– I added the ability to record and play controller input, but this requires the use of third-party drivers and libraries, and I thought it not might be acceptable to everyone, so I disabled this function and this version of the code is incomplete.


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