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RELEASE Homebrew VideoSetupNX - Easily set up a multi-video player for watching stuff on your Switch



Staff member
This is an app for creating HTML files (using https://gameparadise.org/threads/html-video-template-nx.1696/) and converting files to switch compatible formats. In laymen's terms - You can throw an entire season of Anime/TV at it and then just throw it on your switch to watch anywhere! Source is here: https://github.com/Aida-Enna/VideoSetupNX

- Generates customized HTML from a folder of switch-compatible video files
- Converts video files to Switch-compatible format with optional resizing/subtitles/passthrough and more. (requires ffmpeg installed)
- Burns in subtitles so you can watch your favorite anime anywhere!
- Autocreates episode preview snapshots
- Automatically sets up directories, HTML/CSS/JS files. Just drop your videos into the vids folder!
- A "Check video for Switch compatibility" button. This will check for audio/video codecs, resolution, and other compatiblity factors.

- None I'm aware of!

Follow each step, then hit "Generate project". It'll open the output directory when it's complete.
Copy the videos you selected in Step 2 into the "vids" folder, then build the entire output folder (the stuff in the folder, not the folder itself!) with the Homebrew Web Framework.

FFMPEG (https://github.com/adaptlearning/adapt_authoring/wiki/Installing-FFmpeg)
You can, alternatively, just download a build from here and put the files in the bin folder in the same place as the VideoSetupNX.exe.
Homebrew Web Framework (Not able to link, sorry!)

Important Information
- Videos with spaces will not work. This seems to be a limitation of the switch's browser rather than this program or the web framework.
- Videos should be encoded with H264/AAC. Other codecs/formats may work, but I know those work 100%.
- Videos must have a resolution less than or equal to 720p. Otherwise, the switch will crash.
- Please remember to checkmark "Ask for a user at launching" in the Homebrew Web Framework. The generated NSP will crash otherwise.





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